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Anchorage personnel is listed by department for your convenience.


Dimitri Philemonof – President / CEO

Trina Deuber – Administrative Operations Manager

Nancy Bonin – Human Resources Director

Raeli Gundersen – Receptionist / Secretary

Jessica Borenin – Administrative Assistant

VACANT – Administrator of Consumer Advocacy


IT Services

Fred Bauer – Chief Information Officer

Reggie Northcutt – Help Desk/Net Support Tech



Mark Hamm – Chief Financial Officer

Hojin Park – Controller

Alan Green – Budget Reporting & Benefits Coordinator

Debbie Leneave – Travel Coordinator/AP TECHNICIAN

Liza Castillo– Payroll Accountant

Maria Stowe – Travel Coordinator

Rachel Carrick – Project Accountant

Karen Hunter– Accounts Payable Technician


Cultural Heritage

Millie McKeown – Cultural Heritage Director

Darling Anderson – Cultural Heritage Coordinator

Bobbi Dushkin– Cultural Heritage Program Assistant

Nikkita Shellikoff– Unangam Tunuu Assistant

Michael Livingston – Cultural Heritage Specialist

Vincent Tomalonis – NSF Research Assistant


Health – Administration

VACANT– Health Director

Tarrissa Christiansen – Executive Assistant III

Laverna Johnston – HD Human Resources Administrator


Health – Primary Care Services

Jessica Mata Rukovishnikoff – Interim Primary Care Services Regional Director

Sophia Zacharof – Primary Care Services Program Assistant


Health – Community Health Services

Dr. Tara Ford – Interim Community Health Services Regional Director

Julia Sargent – P/T Assistant Community Health Services Regional Administrator

Jaylene Hoelscher – Community Health Services Program Assistant II

Stacy Kelley – Senior Project Administrator


Health – Community Health Services – Behavioral Health Services

Frank Nicholai, Registration & Scheduling Technician

Traci Key – Part-Time Registration & Scheduler Technician

Dr. Seth Green – Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Mark Holman – Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Janece Richard – Behavioral Health Clinician

Dr. Keri Boyd – Community Clinical Psychologist – Post Doc

Alice Palen – Behavioral Health Clinician

Cheri Johansen – IOP Behavioral Health Coordinator

Gabriel Achakeng, Behavioral Health Aide I/CDC-I

Rosemarie Cook – Behavioral Health Aide-I / Health Relationships Advocate

Dr. Ali Marvin, Post Doctoral Psychology Fellow

Christine Heller, Pre-Doctoral Intern

Alisha Wenger, Pre-Doctoral Intern

Douglas Finney, Registered Nurse/Case Manager


Health – Community Health Services – Wellness Programs

Sue Unger – Wellness Program Lead

Delores Gregory – Health Promotion & Wellness Events Coordinator

Caroline Nevak – Tobacco Prevention Coordinator

Chrissy Roes – Wellness Media Specialist

Tracy Stewart – Traditional Food Program Coordinator


Health – Community Health Services – Healthy Relationships

Jessie Kitamura – Healthy Relationships Coordinator/Advocate II

Reign Galovin – Wellness Project Coordinator

Chy Maitland – Healthy Relationships Advocate I


Health – Community Health Services – Youth Programs

Amy Carlough– Youth Services Division Administrator/AHEC

Dustin Newman – Youth Services Coordinator

TBA – Youth Programs Coordinator

Olivia Bridges – VISTA Wellness Program


Health – Environmental Health

Karen Pletnikoff – Environmental and Safety Program Manager

Concepcion Melovidov – Environmental Health Services Coordinator


Health – Eldercare Services

Ashley Withrow – Elder Care Services Administrator

Max Lestenkof – Patient Advocate

Sue Nick – Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Coordinator

Andrew Malavanski – Elder Transport Specialist

Sally Swetzof – Language & Cultural Mentor Specialist

Amanda Thomas – Elder Engagement Coordinator

Emma Kaznowski – VISTA Elder Meal Services Developer

Mikayla Clark, VISTA Food Security


Dept. of Family & Community Development

Paula Pinder – Director, Dept. of Family & Community Development

Leilani Hamik  Executive Assistant I

Skylar Merculieff – Dept. of Family & Community Development Intern


Dept. of Family & Community Development – Family Services

Amanda McAdoo – Family Services Coordinator

Stacy Gundersen – ICWA Case Worker

Exenia Malagon – ICWA Program Assistant


Dept. of Family & Community Development – Tribal Child Support Program (TCSP)

Malinda Beiler – TCSP Coordinator

Teresa Komakhuk – TCSP Case Worker


Dept. of Family & Community Development – Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) Program

Michael Nemeth – Village Public Safety Program Coordinator


Dept. of Family & Community Development – Self Governance

Margaret Galovin – Self-Governance Program Coordinator


Dept. of Family & Community Development – Employment, Training & Related Services (ETR)

Kimber Olson, MSW – ETR Division Coordinator

Jacob Timmons – Special Projects Coordinator

Jami Swazer – Youth Transition Coordinator

Tess Christiansen-Condur – Lead Counselor

Freida McCord – Counselor

Diane Rain – Program Assistant


Dept. of Family & Community Development – Head Start

Mark Wasierski – Head Start Division Coordinator

Beverly “Bonnie” Mierzejek – Education & Disabilities Coordinator

Sarah Andrews – Family Engagement Coordinator

Valeria Foster – Health & Nutrition Coordinator


Dept. of Family & Community Development – U.S. Dept. of Justice Grants

VACANT- Community Support Advocate

VACANT- Community Support Assistant