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Facility Replacement Projects

WWII BombingTogether All Americans CAN Bring Full Circle the Healing Process for the Unangaxˆ through your generous support & sharing our vision to finally rebuild these critical healthcare facilities in the Aleutians Islands! The new Unalaska Hospital and Atka Health Clinic will serve as beacons of hope as our Tribes strive to recover from their forgotten story of historical WWII trauma. Let us, as fellow Americans, not forget the devastation of the war… and the tragic impact suffered as a result of this foreign attack on American soil in the Aleutians over 71 years ago.


Our Goals

  • Begin the Healing process for surviving Unanga{ traumatized by the wartime events
  • Seek Congressional amendment of the “Aleutian and Pribilof Islands Restitution Act,” to authorize the U.S. to include authority to replace Aleutian health facilities & request concurrent and immediate appropriation of project funding
  • Raise funding through federal, state, private, charitable and community sources to secure
  • Request Funding through the Indian Health Services for a Joint Venture Staffing package to fund operations of new facilities into the future

What you can do

  • Learn about our Unanga{ people’s unique place in American history and help tell our story
  • Advocate for Congressional action and funding to restore damage from WWII
  • Provide charitable donations to help us secure the necessary funding for these projects