Energy Assistance

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APIA’s Energy Assistance program can provide assistance with fuel and electricity. This program is for households with a tribally enrolled member who reside in the APIA service area (see Community List below), and who are income eligible (see Income Eligibility below).

Important Updates

The 2018 Energy Assistance season opens November 1, 2017. Please use the application that is linked above to apply for this program.

  • Only one award is available to a household per season.
  • Incomplete applications will be given one phone call regarding missing information. After that, the application will be returned.
  • Each household member age 18 and over needs to fill out Section 8: Entire Household Income on page 4 by either listing monthly income in Section 8a. or by giving a statement of no income in Section 8b.
  • Section 9b. has been updated. Please carefully review the dwelling type options and select the choice that best matches your residence.
  • An additional signature is needed at the end of Section 9, at the very bottom of page 7. Please read the statement about understanding the intended use of Energy Assistance and sign.

Priority Processing for Complete Applications

  1. Crisis (out of fuel or electricity, or within 48 hours of being out of fuel or electricity)
  2. Elders age 60 and over, children 5 and under, individuals with a legal disability
  3. All other households


  • Tribally enrolled American Indian/Alaska Native
  • Resides in the APIA service area, described below:

Community List

Akutan, Atka, False Pass, King Cove, Nikolski, Nelson Lagoon, Sand Point, St. George, St. Paul and Unalaska

Income Eligibility

 Household Members







*For each additional household member, add $653.

Maximum Monthly Net Income







Helpful Information

What can you do to prepare?

  • Keep paying your bills. While waiting for a decision on your Energy Assistance application, make regular payments each month to your electric and fuel vendors to prevent crisis.
  • Contact your electric and fuel vendors and get on a budget plan. Work with your vendors to spread out the cost of heating, making payments more manageable and easier to budget for.
  • Plan ahead! Set aside some (or all) of your PFD, Native Corporation Dividends, paycheck, or fishing settlement to pay for fuel and electricity this winter.