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Pauloff Harbor


Pauloff Harbor

Photo courtesy of unimak.us

Pauloff Harbor is located in the Aleutian Island Chain on the northern coast of Sanak Island, 50 miles southeast of False Pass. It lies at approximately 54d 27m N Latitude, 162d 41m W Longitude (Sec. 16, T066S, R090W, Seward Meridian). Pauloff Harbor is located in the Aleutian Islands Recording District.


The community name differs from the harbor on which it is located – Pavlov Harbor. A post office was established here in 1949.


The Island is now unoccupied.


There is no employment in Pauloff Harbor, though the rich resources of the area would make a subsistence lifestyle possible.


There are no public facilities at Pauloff Harbor.


Float planes or personal boats from False Pass or King Cove are the primary means of transportation.


The area lies in the maritime climate zone. Temperatures range from -9 to 76. Snowfall averages 52 inches, with total annual precipitation of 33 inches.