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Environme ntal Technical Assistance (EPA – IGAP)

Purpose is to provide environmental assistance to Unangan/Unangas tribes on environmental issues, particularly those related to the execution of their EPA GAP grants. Support and enhance capacity-building at the tribal level during development & management of tribal environmental programs. Participate in site visits in collaboration with the tribes to conduct sampling activities. Past support has been provided under subcontracts to tribes using EPA GAP funding and under EPA GAP Unmet Needs Grants, as well as other available sources.


  • Provide environmental technical assistance to Unangan/Unangas tribes and their environmental programs.
  • Develop and review plans, permits, and proposals for environmental issues affecting villages of tribes. Answer tribal technical and regulatory questions.
  • Provide feedback to tribes on grants, proposals, and reports as part of capacity building at the tribal level.
  • Help improve environmental conditions in Unangan/Unangas communities.
  • Increase tribal awareness, discussion, and participation on local, regional, and global issues.

Focus Communities: Region wide.