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“Providing programs that encourage Unangax̂ culture to flourish. Dedicated to preserving the past for the future good of the Unangax̂ people.”

The purpose of the Cultural Heritage Department is to preserve Unangax̂ (Aleut) heritage and to provide programs that encourage Unangax̂ culture to flourish. Knowledge of Unangax̂ culture is critical to the identity and survival of the Unangan/Unangas (Aleuts) as a unique group of Alaska Natives. The Unangax̂ people have a cultural history in the region that extends at least 8,000 years into the past; the Cultural Heritage Department is dedicated to preserving that past for the future good of the Unangax̂ people. Our goal is to preserve information, objects and places relevant to Unangax̂ culture, which includes but is not limited to, Unangax̂ languages, traditional knowledge and values, cultural practices, art, history, archaeological and historical sites, and cultural objects. Our audience is primarily the Unangan/Unangas, however, we also seek to educate the general public about our history and culture. The scope of our work includes preservation programs to record information pertinent to Unangax̂ cultural heritage, and education programs to teach Unangax̂ cultural practices and values to new generations and to inform all people about Unangax̂ life and

Cultural Heritage Staff:

  • Millie McKeown, CH Director
  • Darling Anderson, CH Coordinator
  • Dr. Michael Livingston, Cultural Resource Specialist
  • Nikkita Shellikoff, CH Program Assistant
  • Darian LaTocha, Library and Research Assistant
  • ✦ Helena Schmitz, Cultural Heritage Assistant
  • Speakers:
  • ✦ Iliodor Philemonof, Unangam Tunuu Mentor
  • ✦ Sally Swetzof, Unangam Tunuu Mentor
  • ✦ Dimitri Philemonof, Speaker
  • On-call Staff:
  • Moses Dirks, Unangam Tunuu Specialist & Speaker
  • ✦ Teresa Smith, Virtual Class Instructor – teaches model iqyax̂ classes.
  • ✦ Danielle Larsen, Virtual Class Instructor – teaches Unangax̂ paint night.
  • Bobbi Dushkin, Unangam Tunuu Intern, Sand Point, AK.
  • ✦ Ariel Hernandez, Unangam Tunuu Intern, Unalaska, AK.
  • ✦ Charlotte Rutherford, Unangam Tunuu Intern, Anchorage, AK.
  • ✦ Isabella Ipparaguirre, Unangam Tunuu Intern, Anchorage, AK