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Head Start Traditional Foods Preschool Curriculum



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Qaqamiiĝux̂ Curriculum

You may download the entire Curriculum or choose a specific Unit. All downloads in pdf format.

Entire Curriculum
Unit 1: Marine Mammals

Unit 2: Fish
Unit 3 BirdsUnit 3: Birds
Unit 4 Caribou and Reindeer Unit 4: Caribou/Reindeer
Unit 5 PlantsUnit 5: Plants
Unit 6 Tidal Foods
Unit 6: Tidal Foods


Digital Stories

Click here to view our videos on traditional foods preparation.

Other Resources

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Assistance, Family Nutrition Programs has just released a new cooking series called Tundra-to-Table and a collection of culturally-relevant mini-magazines for Yup’ik audiences. These materials highlight the many benefits of edible local plants and other wild Alaskan foods in an innovative effort to increase intake of healthy foods and optimize healthy by connecting people with their local food system. The Tundra to Table YouTube videos and Tundra Plant mini-magazines can be accessed through the State of Alaska’s webpage under “Nutrition Resources” at http://dhss.alaska.gov/dpa/Pages/nutri/default.aspx


Family Nutrition Programs


The Family Nutrition Program’s mission is to support Alaskan families in making nutrition decisions for life-long health and well being.


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