Energy Assistance: COVID Relief Awards

APIA informs the public that COVID relief awards are being processed. This means:

  1. If you have NOT received an Energy Assistance award this season, which began in November 2019, please apply by May 29, 2020. Income limitations will still apply.
  2. If you HAVE received an Energy Assistance award this season, the COVID relief award will be automatic and applied to the vendors listed on your original application. No additional application is necessary.

COVID relief award amounts will be finalized on June 1, 2020.

Questions and comments can be emailed to

APIA’s Department of Family & Community Development; Employment, Training, & Related Services Division’s Energy Assistance Program will answer any questions and can provide information about other resources available.  To comment or ask questions, please call the ETR Division at 1-800-478-2742 or email  A list of APIA Energy Assistance Offices can be found at the end of this announcement.

APIA Energy Assistance Offices
CityAddressPhone Number
Anchorage1131 East International Airport Road, 99518(800) 478-2742
Sand PointPO Box 464, 99661(907) 383-4292