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Direct Support Campaign

In addition to grant driven programs, many of our activities reach far beyond the scope of those supported by annual grants and must be funded by other direct donations. Did you know:

  • It costs $80,000 to put on the Annual Urban Unangax Culture Camp
  • $400 to provide each monthly Elder Potluck
  • $150 to provide each Elder Tea
  • $30 for each Christmas gift provided to an ICWA child
  • $500 to send a child to the Urban Culture Camp for one week
  • $2,500 to send one person to a regional Language Intensive Workshop
  • $1,700 to bring one family member in to support an elder during end of days
  • $1,500 to provide an air casket plus $1,700 to send a family member to the funeral service
  • Heating fuel is as high as $8 per gallon in the region; electricity as much as $1 per kw. The State energy assistance program has been eliminated and the federal program has been reduced
  • When a family is displaced by fire or some other disaster, it costs thousands of dollars to help them get back on their feet

Your support ensures APIA is able to continue its work on behalf of the people of the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands region and securing a brighter future for Alaskans with Spirit and Strength.