Regular & COVID Cash Assistance


Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Inc. (APIA)
Department of Family & Community Development
Employment, Training, & Related Services Division

APIA informs the public that our Cash Assistance service is available.

You may be eligible for Cash Assistance!

Are you living in the APIA region, and have at least one Alaska Native or American Indian individual in your home?
Have you had little to no income in the last month?

Cash Assistance can assist you with purchasing food, paying a portion of rent or mortgage, or meeting other essential needs.

Have you lost employment due to COVID?

You may be eligible for additional funds and may even be exempt from income limits.

Please contact us for more information, how to apply, or to answer any questions.

APIA Employment and Training Offices
CityAddressPhone NumberEmail Address
Anchorage1131 East International Airport Road, 99518(800)
Sand PointPO Box 464, 99661(907)