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Public Notice: Last Call for Energy Assistance Applications

APIA informs the public that the last day to submit an application this season will be February 28, 2020, funds allowing.

If you have not received an award this season, which began in November 2019, please submit an application! We are still only able to give out one award per household.

Please be aware, applications may take up to 30 days to be processed.

APIA’s Department of Family & Community Development; Employment, Training, & Related Services Division’s Energy Assistance Program will answer any questions and can provide information about other resources available.  To comment or ask questions, please visit your local APIA ETR Office or call the ETR Division at 1-800-478-2742.  A list of APIA Offices can be found at the end of this announcement.

A printable version of this notice can be found by clicking here.

APIA Energy Assistance Offices

Anchorage: 1131 E Int’l Airport Rd, 99518 / (800) 478-2742

Sand Point: PO Box 464, 99661 / (907) 383-4292