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Unangam Tunuu Fonts

Download Unangam Tunuu font for PC:

  1. Right click on the link: Unangam Tunuu
  2. Click Save in and select: c:/windows/fonts
  3. The file should install automatically

If it does not install automatically:

  1. Open c:/windows/fonts and choose: Install new font from the file menu
  2. Scroll down and open the font’s folder.
  3. Scroll down the list of fonts to Unangam Tunuu Normal (True Type).
  4. Choose the file and click ok.


To use Unangam Tunuu characters:

On the Menu bar, select Font down arrow, select Unangam Tunuu.

To convert each of the following, hold down shift and press:

{ =  x̂

} =  ĝ

| =  X̂

^ =  x̂


To download a PC font using Alternate PC Download

  1. Right click on the Unangam Tunuu Font
  2. Choose Save File As
  3. Save the file to the windows font folder (usually c:/windows/fonts)
  4. Change the fonts name adding a .tff to the end


To download Macintosh Font:

  1. Hold down option and click on the font
  2. Choose Save File As
  3. Unzip the saved file
  4. Open the saved file with extension .suit (the other file is an alternate version)
  5. Click install font


To download to a Samsung Mobile Device:

  1. Click on the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chert.inputmethod.latin&hl=en_US
  2. Once the app is downloaded to your Samsung device open up Chert
  3. When prompted by your phone, enable the Chert keyboard
  4. Once you return to Chert click “Choose your language”
  5. Unclick “All Languages” then click “Unangam Tunuu
  6. If you would like to only occasionally use the Unangam Tunuu font when typing,  at the bottom right corner on the screen click on the keyboard button
  7. Once open, Select “Unangam Tunuu”
  8. While the Unangam Tunuu keyboard is open you now have the option to use the circumflex x & g
  9. To use these, hold down the G or X for about 2 seconds, then it should change to the correct character
  10. To change back to your default keyboard, click on the bottom right corner and selected your preferred keyboard.


To download to an Apple device:

  1. Click on the link:


  1. Once the app is downloaded to your Apple device open up Chert
  2. To install the keyboard, follow the prompt on your screen as shown:
    1. Settings > General> Keyboards> Add new keyboard> Chert
  3. Once the keyboard is installed, open any app that uses a keyboard.
  4. To switch to the Chert keyboard click on the “Next Keyboard” button that should be signified by a globe icon. Keep pressing “Next keyboard” until you get to the Chert keyboard, indicated by a spear point above the keyboard.