Wolfgang Brinck

Wolfgang Brinck, building kayak at 2011 campWolfgang Brinck teaches full-size kayak construction at the Urban Unangax^ Camp. It’s amazing that in one short week Mr. Brinck along with Michael Livingston and John Peterson show students how to build a kayak that is fully functional! They work form morning until evening using modern materials to create a magnificent kayak that is completely submersible. During camp in 2009, Wolfgang and Michael Livingston built two full-size iqyax, one covered and one uncovered, and which are on display at APIA’s central headquarters in Anchorage.

Mr. Brinck was born in Germany and currently resides in Alameda, California. Wolfgang Brinck has been active in building traditional skin on frame kayaks, researching them, spreading information about them and teaching others how to build them since 1987.


Mr. Brinck’s formal training in art and engineering and his love for kayaking inspired him to write a book titled “The Aleutian Kayak.” The book is a detailed guide on how to build an Aleutian style kayak world renowned for their speed and advanced technology. While conducting research for his book in the Aleutians, he met and interviewed Elders with the knowledge of kayak building and maneuvering. He came back to the Aleutians and has taught classes for a few schools and at the Urban Unangax^ Camp.