Okalena Patricia Lekanoff-Gregory

Okalena Patricia Lekanoff-Gregory was instrumental in the formation of the Urban Unangax^ Culture Camp and has been a mentor since its inception in 2008. Bentwood visor construction is a popular activity at camp and keeps Mrs. Lekanoff-Gregory on her toes! Many students come each year to begin or finish a project started the year before. A festive tent is leased and placed in APIA’s parking lot where Patty teaches students of all ages to bend, carve, sand, design and paint a beautiful visor.

Mrs. Lekanoff-Gregory was born and raised in Unalaska, Alaska and has resided there her entire life. She was an apprentice of the late Andrew Gronholdt, of Unga and Sand Point, Alaska, who directed Patty to carry on the tradition. Mrs. Lekanoff-Gregory is well-known for her knowledge and ability to make visors and her time is in high demand. She has been teaching the skill of bentwood visor construction 15 years and conducts classes through the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Interior-Aleutians Campus, and the Sand Point Culture Camp, the Alaska Native Heritage Center, Pacific Northwest Aleut Community, Camp Qungaayux, and in several communities in the Aleutian Pribilof Islands region.