Michael Livingston

Mchael iqyax̂ Livingston

Michael Livingston teaches iqyax̂ (kayak) construction at the Urban Unangax̂ Culture Camp.  He has helped to build several full-size iqyan [Eastern dialect] or iqyax [Atkan dialect] (kayaks), as well as three-foot models.  During camp he teaches students the engineering aspects of building an iqyax̂, the historical uses of them, and the physical skills needed to maneuver one.  On the last day of camp, he coordinates a trip to a local lake so everyone from camp can have a chance to ride the iqyax̂ built at camp.


Mr. Livingston was raised in Cold Bay, Alaska and currently resides in Sand Point, Alaska where he has returned to his occupation as a police officer after pursuing a graduate degree in Anthropology.  Prior to going to graduate school, Michael worked for over 20 years in Alaska as a public safety officer including emergency medical technician, fire fighter, dive rescue specialist, police officer, and a detective.

Mr. Livingston learned traditional Alaska sea kayak construction from Sergie Sovoroff, Phil Tutiakoff, and Bill Tchereipanoff.  He has passed that knowledge on to others through culture camps and classes in the Aleutian region for over 20 years.  Mike and Wolfgang Brinck built two full-size iqyax, one covered and one uncovered, and which are on display at APIA’s central headquarters in Anchorage.