Mary Bourdukofsky

Mary BourdukofskyMary Bourdukofsky taught Unangam Tunuu, Sewing, Dance, Storytelling, Traditional Foods and History at the Urban Unangax^ camp. She brightened the room as she taught the children language and dance and told them wonderful stories. She created unique and cultural crafts and was always developing new ones to share at camp. She was and expert at sewing and was patient as she taught the skill through several activities. She was the first one at camp every morning and was always available to share her time and knowledge with others. Her charisma and positivity affected all who had the opportunity to learn from her. Mary Bourdukofsky was born in 1923 on St. Paul Island. Growing up in St. Paul, she lived off the land and sea. Mary is an incredible Unanga-n/s cook, storyteller, artisan, and cultural mentor. She was a life-long learner who has carried on the Unanga-n/s traditions and culture with a passion. Mary’s fearless approach to learning is inspirational to all. She spent her life generously passing on this knowledge to others. Mrs. Bourdukofsky was instrumental in the formation of the Urban Unangax^ Culture camp and was a mentor since its inception in 2008. During camp she spent every minute teaching others cultural traditions. Unangam Tunuu (the Aleut Language) was her first language which she shared at camp through song, dance and classroom style lessons. Mrs. Bourdukofsky shared wonderful stories of her childhood and her life, being an evacuee during World War II, and about her community. Her vast knowledge of families and people of the Pribilof Islands helped many to fill in gaps in their own family history. Stuuparam Anadaa was her Aleut name, meaning Darning (Mending) Mother. She was a well respected and remarkable woman who gave endlessly of her time and knowledge. Memory Eternal!