Jolene Petticrew

Jolene Petticrew teaches beaded headdress and regalia sewing at the Urban Unangax^ Camp. Glass beads and traditional motif are used to design beautiful Bering sea style head dresses that can be worn during dance performances. Many of the young ladies that make a head dress at camp also participate in dance so they work in hard to get their head dress finished so that they can wear it when they perform on the last day of camp.

Jolene is an original member of Atxam Taligisniikangis, the Atka Dance group, and has helped many dancers sew regalia and beaded headdresses. She was instrumental in the formation of the Anchorage Unangax^ Dance group and organizes practices, performances and fundraising events. She currently works with members on a weekly basis as they practice learning dances and as they create dance regalia to wear during performances.

Jolene is Aleut from South Naknek village on the Alaska Peninsula. She is a traditional artist and has created regalia and headdresses for many dancers, for weddings, and even her own children. Jolene makes beautiful full crown head dresses and spent several months in 2012 making one for the Capture the Culture Gala fundraiser. In pre-contact times, full-crown headdresses were very rare and worn only by women from wealthy families during important social activities.