John Petersen

John PetersenJohn Petersen teaches full-size and model kayak construction at the Urban Unangax^ Camp. Mr. Petersen along with Wolfgang Brinck show students how to build a kayak that is fully functional! They work form morning until evening using modern materials to create a magnificent kayak that is completely submersible. During camp in 2012, John headed up the new project to show students how to build eight foot kayak models giving a handful of select students the opportunity to build their own kayak.

Mr. Petersen lives in Oak View, California where he designs and builds Aleutian and Greenlandic style baidarkas. He has his own business, Shaman Kayaks, and makes amazingly durable, seaworthy kayaks ready to launch. His appreciation for Indigenous art and culture has been a passion since he was a young boy. Mr. Petersen wanted to learn to build kayaks so that he could offer an alternative to the mass produced plastic type. His hand-built kayaks are not only a beautiful piece of art, they are strong and durable and of exceeding quality.