Edna Floyd

Edna Floyd Edna Floyd teaches traditional songs and dance of St. Paul Island, history and Aleut language arts at the Urban Unangax^ camp. She has a special talent for working with children. She can prepare 3-5 years olds for a dance performance or recital in Unangam Tunuu in four days! Mrs. Floyd develops and implements culturally relevant activities for the children that incorporate traditional knowledge, history and values. She works with youth and adults teaching skin and gut sewing and preparing traditional foods and she makes an excellent halibut fish pie!


Edna Floyd was raised on St. George Island, Alaska but has lived on St. Paul Island most of her adult life, where she currently resides. It is interesting to note that Mrs. Floyd spent the first year of her life at Funter Bay in Southeast Alaska, an Aleut internment camp, during World War II. Mrs. Floyd is also the recipient of the 2013 Elder of the Year awarded by the Aleut Corporation.

Mrs. Floyd was the Aleut Language and Culture teacher at St. Paul Island School for 30 years until she retired in 2011. Mrs. Floyd has been actively involved in cultural preservation and revitalization efforts for thirty years. She formed an Unangan dance group at St. Paul Island where she taught and worked with others to create dances that are unique to the community. She is the founder of Pribilof Days at the school that is a tradition carried on to this day.