Alice Petrivelli

Alice PetrivelliAlice Petrivelli teaches Traditional Foods, History, and does Storytelling at the Urban Unangax^ camp. Mrs. Petrivelli shares traditional family recipes and recipes she learned from watching others as she was growing up. Her wisdom of traditional values is also something she learned growing up. She tells fascinating true life stories about the time she spent in Southeast Alaska as an Aleut evacuee during WWII. As a fluent speaker of Unangam Tunuu, she naturally incorporates language into all of her activities.

Alice Petrivelli was born and raised in Atka, Alaska. Her parents were Agnes Zaochney and Cedor Snigaroff. Alice remembers the house always being full when her mother was alive as she helped raise many other relatives in the village.  Alice describes herself as a “tomboy” and remembers going trapping with her father for several winters on Amchitka, Amlia Island and Old Harbor on Atka Island.

Alice recalls the first time she cooked. She boiled fish for her brother when she was 10 years old. Smiling, she recalls her brother refusing to eat it!