Training and Related Services Division- Short-Term Contractor

APIA’s Employment, Training and Related Services Division is looking for a short-term contractor to provide Outreach and information about our Child Care Services and other employment and social service programs to regional residents between August 15-September 15 for a flat-rate fee of $1500.00

Duties will include informational networking with individuals and groups within your own community, sharing information about APIA services and programs, providing applications and other written documentation to interested parties and connecting individuals to the ETR Division Coordinator for service provision.

Candidate must be a self-starter, highly motivated and actively involved in their community. A minimum of 15 group meetings, 30 individual contacts, or a combination of the two will be required during the 30-day contract period.  A written report demonstrating contacts will be submitted prior to the flat-rate payment. 

For more information or to apply for this position, contact Kimber Olson at 907-222-9732 or