Health Director

Position: Director


Location: Anchorage


Hours: Full-time (37.5 hours per week)


Compensation: DOE + benefits


Essential Functions: Responsible for managing, planning, coordinating and implementing all health services for the APIA Region. Facilitate communications and program implementation between program coordinators, village residents, tribal councils and boards. Visit each APIA community at least one time per year or as appropriate. Determines and recommends to the President/CEO what programs or major projects should be initiated, changed, or curtailed and the timing involved; determines the resources to devote to a particular project; determines what changes in program emphasis needs to be made; and determines how to maintain costs, maintain program efficiency, and justify major expenditures. Responsible for supervision, management and organization of the health department staff to meet program goals and objectives. Manages and resolves personnel conflicts or issues working in conjunction with program coordinators. Responsible for coordination and preparation of proposals. Negotiate the APIA compact, grants contracts and implements new programs. Responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing health services for the APIA Region, including seeking new funding sources and meeting proposal deadlines.  Establish and maintain a sound departmental financial management system. Directs, facilitates and coordinates the development of program budget proposals, modifications, and justifications.  Plans, negotiates, and directs the special provisions of contracts. Responsible for the implementation of goals, objectives, and functions of the programs as indicated in contracts, and the health plan. Responsible for insuring budgetary and programmatic compliance. Responsible for program operations, costs, and financial management. Make necessary recommendations to the President/CEO to remain in program compliance.  Develops improvements in the health department’s organization and personnel management to insure performance of contract provisions by the health department staff. Coordinates training for health department employees for the purpose of upgrading skills and job performance. Directly supervise the program coordinators, clinics, health planner, and administrative assistant. Indirectly supervises all other health department staff. Attend staff and board meetings to provide information regarding programs; contribute ideas and information; represent APIA at meetings, workshops, and seminars; and conducts departmental staff meetings routinely to maintain the flow of communication between health department staff and all other APIA staff. Coordinates with other Health Association program directors to affect coordination of interrelated health program activities.

Responsible for coordinating with other program directors or department heads within APIA to affect a working relationship of interrelated activities.


Qualifications: Preferably a Master’s Degree in Public or Health Care Administration, or a Bachelor’s     Degree with commensurate experience of at least five years working in a health related field.  Ability to prepare and present effective oral and/or written reports in required format.  Ability to communicate pleasantly with the general public and other agencies.  Have interest and knowledge of Native lifestyle and culture.  Demonstrate maturity, dependability, good judgement, and empathy in the performance of assigned duties.  Knowledge of management principles and practices, including optimal use of staff and other available resources.  Considerable knowledge of the professional or technical aspects of the programs being administered.  Ability to plan and direct a large and complex department and have previous supervisory experience.  Ability to develop, present, and gain acceptance for long-range program plans and budgets.  Ability to coordinate the activities of several operating units into an integrated program, and the ability to plan, assign, and supervise the work of subordinates.  Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with personnel in other program units and governmental agencies.  Ability to forecast, plan, and implement program adjustments as required by changing  conditions.  Ability to develop grants, contract proposals, and budget documents for programs.  Willing to take training and attend workshops and meetings periodically to enhance job    performance and knowledge.  Neat in personal appearance and attire and must be punctual.  Willingness to travel by air and have a valid Alaska Driver license.

Native preference will be given depending upon qualifications.  Apply on line at

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